4:00 PM

It really Happened!!!

I was reading my bible this morning, and I was reading about when Jesus came to John the Baptist, and asked him to baptize him. And I was thinking, wow this really happened. I mean, I know it did, but when I just sit there, and think about how it really, IT REALLY HAPPENED. That they were just as real and alive as I am. And it just gives me a feeling, I can't really explain it. I guess I should call it, the feeling of amazement. Just at the awe of how God did everything. And that these people that we read about in a book, John, Peter, Paul, and our very own Savior, they were alive on this earth. And it never fails to make me be in awe. 
And how, when Jesus arose out of the water after being baptized, how the Heavens were opened, and the spirit of God himself, descended upon his sons shoulder in the form of a dove. Just think of how amazing it is just reading about it! But, just sit there and imagine...can you imagine being there? Seeing all of that take place?! Just thinking of how John the Baptist stood there close to Jesus, and saw all of this take place...it's just amazing. And how John himself was chosen, he was chosen to baptize the Savior of the world. The man who was going to save his soul, he was supposed to baptize him. How? Can you imagine being in John's shoes? Having Jesus himself come to you, and ask you...YOU to baptize him. Now, I'm not saying I'm just as good as John. Goodness knows I have a long way to go just to be as good as Him, let alone our Savior, but trying to put yourself in his shoes...what would you do? What would you be thinking? I honestly think I would just be in a daze...

Anyways, it's sorta an odd post, I just wrote my thoughts down.

Scripture for this post from Matthew 3
Have a blessed week! 

God Blessi

Katie Wegner