11:13 AM

Not Much!

Not much has been happening in my life lately. There was the camp, but we Amy and I were not able to go ( *sighs* ), but oh well.

Mom has been home for 2 weeks. Its been so nice to have her back home. We have all felt the baby move too, well, besides Ryan and Kevin :) . Mom is 24 weeks now :) .

Well, I need to go.

In Christ,

7:51 PM

I got it!

I got an Ipod nano silver 5th generation , ( as you can see from the picture above ) !
Ryan and Kevin and My Mom and Dad bought it for me for my birthday! I had been wanting one for along time. Ever since my mp3 player broke :( . But, this is way better :) . Thanks Ryan and Kevin, Mom and Dad! It's AWESOME!