11:28 AM

Father's Day Present

This year for Father's Day, we gave my Dad some pictures of us kids. So, I thought I'd post them here.  :D 

The Boys: in order from left to right, Jason, Justin (who is on top.), and Kevin

                        The Girls: from left to right, Amy, Lisa on top, Sarah on top, and me :D 

Happy Fathers Day Dad! I hope you liked the pictures!


6:29 AM


Here are some pictures of my Nephew Nathan! He is such a sweetie boy! It's so hard to take pictures of some kids, they like to move, and Nathan likes to move. :D

I don't why he made this face. He wasn't going to cry. :P 

I loves him!

I hope you enjoyed the sweetie boy!


6:18 PM

Bonfire Photos

Had a bonfire the other night, and I tried to take some good photos. But it's really hard when you have the light from the fire only, I don't have a flash on the camera I was using, but here are a few cool ones. (well, at least I thought they were cool. I guess you'll have to tell me if they turned out or not.) :P

This is the head of my brothers guitar.

Hope you enjoyed! 

Katie Wegner

8:44 AM


Here are some pictures I took the other day of my little sister Lisa (who is 2) . She loves getting her picture taken! And encase you can't tell in the pics, she is such a little princess! :D
I hope you enjoy!

She is so Funny and Sweet!

Katie Wegner

4:37 PM


Please forgive me as I'm trying to redo my blog, so it might look rather strange as I'm trying to update and redo a few things. Hopefully it won't take to long.

8:39 PM

My thoughts.

As you died on the cross for me.

You knew what I'd be going through. 
You Knew what trials I would have in my life. You knew that I would struggle. You knew that I would be empty without you. And You knew I would try on my own. And try again, and then again. Until the day I came and said. I can't, I can't do it without you. You Knew it all the time. Yet I didn't listen. You are my perfect example of what I could and should be, but why is it so hard?! Because Satan keeps reminding me of what I hope for in my future. But why can't remember that I know I won't go against you. Lord I will follow what the plan is for me. Even if it isn't what I planned. Because yours is far better then mine, and my life will be used for you. And that's all that matters. I don't even have to be happy. But knowing I'm in your will dear Lord, I can't imagine that I would be sad. I'm so thankful dear God that you never give up on me! If you did...who knows where I'd be.