1:13 PM

Practice Makes Perfect!

Lots of the time when we hear this phrase we usually think of it as in practicing your instrument, practicing a sport, practicing drawing, ext.
But how come we never use this in our walk with Christ? Why don't we ever tell ourselves this very thing.
If we practice being like Christ, really and truly practice, won't we eventually become perfect? Well, not actually perfect,but I mean, ok honestly when are you really ever PERFECT at anything. We aren't ever perfect , because we always mess up, maybe not a lot, but hey, just slipping once. BOOM! Your not perfect at whatever it was that you were doing. We can't be perfect like Christ. But that doesn't keep us from trying for it. And the harder you try to resist temptation, and be what you should be, the easier it will get. Because after a while it will kinda become you, so you'll kinda be being yourself :D . ( That was kinda strange, but I couldn't find any other words that made it sound right :D ).   And yes you can say to yourself, Oh I'll never be even close to that. But hey, why don't you just try? And later on, I think you'll be surprised on how far you've come :D .  Keep telling yourself this little but , oh so meaningful phrase, because I really think that it could help us along in our walk with Christ!

Your Sister In Christ,