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About The Blog Owner

I'm Katie Wegner, 17, and I'm a daughter of our Lord, Jesus Christ. And I am everyday realizing how much I deeply need him my life. I have 2 amazing parents, Chris and Tina. The Lord has blessed me with 10 siblings, and I'm the fourth in line. Ryan (23), Kevin (21), Amy (19), Me (17), Sarah (11), Jason (9), Jonathan (He passed away before his first birthday in 2009, but he is always remembered, and forever loved and adored.), Justin (4), Lisa (3), and the newest addition Jennifer (1 month). 

I love chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter :P Tea also has a special place in my heart. My favorite flowers are white calla lilies and red roses.I love little children of all ages, but especially babies. I love to read, when the book is good.To me Volleyball is the best sport out there! I adore the sound of rain falling on the roof! But really just the sound of rain in general. I also like to draw, but wether anything ever actually turns out, that's another thing. :PMy favorite animals are Siberian tigers and Horses.My favorite pet animals are dogs (we actually have a poodle), and I love rag-doll cats also.I love Music! Lyrics, just instrumental, I love it! I sing through most of the day (much to the annoyance of my family I'm sure.) And when I sing I always feel better, no matter if I am upset, or I physically don't feel well, it doesn't matter, I just love singing.

This blog is filled with my thoughts, and things about my life.Feel free to follow me, and comment! I love hearing from people. :)