10:32 AM

Just Trust Him!

“Lord, my heart is vulnerable,When it breaks I cannot take it!”

My child, I am holding your heart And I will never break it.

“Oh God, I’m so uncertain—I just can’t find the way to go!”
Child, remember I am leading you; You don’t need to know.

“Savior, I can’t see the turns that mark the road ahead…”
My Child, I've walked this way before
So follow Me instead.

“Lord, can’t the questions on my heart Be answered now, today?”
Child, I AM your answer, Please trust Me and obey.

“God, it’s hard to blindly follow—I don’t know the destiny!”
My Child, any place I lead you will be where I want you.

“Lord, I trust you… I surrender;I give You all my very best.”
That’s all that I’ve been waiting for… You can trust Me with the rest.

In Christ,