4:38 PM

We got it! We finally got our Emma. We ordered it along time ago, but it took forever to ship to us!
But, we finally got it, to keep forever! :P

For thoughs of you, who haven't watched it, here is the link to the trailer ,
Emma (2009)

I hope you like it!


2:56 PM

Pictures! I had fun with these :)

Hey Everyone!
I haven't posted for...I don't even know how long! But, here it is the long awaited post! Some of them I didn't take but Thanks to Ryan's Camera I got some pictures of when I wasn't there :) .
Some of them I did in black and white and color, so you can see what it looks like for both :) . I'm sorry, but I can't but the black and white under the ones that they belong too. So, you'll just have to remember what they looked like in color :) .