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Hey Everyone! I haven't posted for awhile :( . But, here are some pictures of what went on between my last post and now :) . Oh, btw Ryan and Rachel are ENGAGED! Congrats you guys! :)


Lovey Boy


Some of our group

Leah and Hannah

Amity with her sunglasses :)

Ryan and Rachel

Ryan, Dad, and Vicky


Justin loved the fireworks :)

Justin in awe of the fireworks

Kevin showing Justin the hose

Justin laughing :)


Me and Kim

Justin sleeping

Amy and Kim

The Guys

Me tickling Justin's neck :)

Sarah and Tante Gisela


Jason, Uncle Steve, and Liam

Jason and Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve and Liam

Justin trying to get his hat off

What a cute couple

Justin Boy!

In Christ,

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One Lovely Blog Award!

Thanks so much for the award Lizzie :) . I love it!

This is for only my girl followers :) , since the guys might not appreciate it to much, since it's kinda girly lookin :P

In Christ,

10:44 AM

Thanks Lizzie for awarding me


#1 Put the image of the award within your blog post.

#2 Put down answers to the following questions.

#3 When you answer the questions, add one question to the list.

#4 Award as many people as you wish! :)



#1 Do you like to wear hats? Well, I wouldn't mind wearing a cowgirl hat if i had a horse :)

#2 Do you live in the north or the south? North

#3 Chick-Fil-A or McDonald's? McDonald's

#4 Blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries? Raspberries

#5 Pearls or Diamonds? Diamonds

#6 Favorite color? blue/green

#7 Plaid, stripes, or polka dots? Plaid!

#8 Favorite back round site? Cutest blog on the block

#9 Hearts or flowers? Flowers!

#10 Do you have more then one blog? Well, I made another one for people who like Horses

I award:

Amy W.

Amy T.



In Christ,


2:28 PM

pictures from the past few weeks

Pics from the past weeks :)

Jason :)

Rachel and Justin

Abby :)


Jason and Lem

LOL Justin :P

Justin :)


Leah, Rachel, and Hannah playing there instruments


Justin :)

Lovey :)


Charity and Hannah :P

Justin Boy!

R and R :P

Charity and Justin :)

Charity, Rachel, and Justin :)

Amy :)


7:50 PM


I thought that you guys would like to see the miracle God has done in Justin...

When he was born... ( for the people who don't know about him, he was born at 29 weeks, that's why he's so small)

Justin now :) . And He's going to be 7 months the 14 of June :)

In Christ,