5:00 PM


Most of these are going to be of Justin, But hey, who else am I supposed to post pictures about? LOL


Oh dear! Justin you should pull up your pants before you go outside :P

Cutie Boy

My mischievous angel brother :)

Justin kinda got fogged up :P

The couple! :D

Jason having his little Ricky shaved off ( little Ricky is what Jason named his hair ) :P

Poor little Ricky :P


All of us trying to fit in the picture :D

Ryan, Rachel, and ME! :P

In Christ,

6:23 PM

Nothing Much!

Nothing much has been happening in my life right now. School has been the first thing in the day, but, it isn't taking me to long to get it done for the day. So I'm glad about that.

Amy and I have been wanting to watch this movie called Our Mutual Friend, we've watched it before, but we want to watch it again. It's a really sweet movie. But there is some stuff in it that we don't like. Just lots of...well, it's kinda hard to explain, it's a VERY dark movie. So it's not something that you should watch all the time. I would put a link to the trailer on here, but, there isn't one on YouTube :(,. and if I would do links to other things for it, it would give the movie away, if you would ever watch it.

Here's some random pictures.


LOL! Hey Rachel, this is a good one for you :)

My big sister :P

My big and little brother



Hannah, and Abby

LOL, we dressed Justin up in a dress, with a head band :D, isn't he cute?

Oh...the cute couple!

In Christ,