9:09 PM

He is our comforter!

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; and you shall comforted in Jerusalem.
Isaiah 66:13

It never stops amazing me, just how God knows what we need to hear!
And when we need to hear it!
If I'm ever in need of comfort or reassurance, I'll open up my bible app on my iPod, and it will always show you the verse of the day! And almost every time, the verse of the day has something to do with what I was thinking about, and it always comforts me, and just lets me know that God is there, and he is in control! And he knows what I need to hear, and he knows how to comfort, and strengthen me! It's just AMAZING! How he knows what I was thinking about, and he knows the best verse to show me!

Anyway! Just wanted to share that with everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon!

In Christ,

5:58 PM



1 Timothy 3:9 - Holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience
                                 Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, 
                                                          the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is such a small word, but it is everything.
Faith is also a hard thing...as it said in the verse above,
the evidence of things not seen.
Faith is believing in things we cannot see!!! And it can be hard sometimes!
We cannot see God, but, we can feel him, and we can see the miracles 
he does in our lives, and in those around us.
He shows himself to us through his miracles, teachings,
and the His wonderful love that just fills us!
It makes us whole.

Sorry for such a short post, (especially after such a long neglect)
but I am planning a longer post hopefully soon after this one.
And hopefully it will be better :D

In Christ,

1:13 PM

Practice Makes Perfect!

Lots of the time when we hear this phrase we usually think of it as in practicing your instrument, practicing a sport, practicing drawing, ext.
But how come we never use this in our walk with Christ? Why don't we ever tell ourselves this very thing.
If we practice being like Christ, really and truly practice, won't we eventually become perfect? Well, not actually perfect,but I mean, ok honestly when are you really ever PERFECT at anything. We aren't ever perfect , because we always mess up, maybe not a lot, but hey, just slipping once. BOOM! Your not perfect at whatever it was that you were doing. We can't be perfect like Christ. But that doesn't keep us from trying for it. And the harder you try to resist temptation, and be what you should be, the easier it will get. Because after a while it will kinda become you, so you'll kinda be being yourself :D . ( That was kinda strange, but I couldn't find any other words that made it sound right :D ).   And yes you can say to yourself, Oh I'll never be even close to that. But hey, why don't you just try? And later on, I think you'll be surprised on how far you've come :D .  Keep telling yourself this little but , oh so meaningful phrase, because I really think that it could help us along in our walk with Christ!

Your Sister In Christ,

1:33 PM

Almost everyone at our house is sick. Yeah, it really stinks :D . I've got this horrid cough :( .
I hope we get over it soon. Because while we are sick, we can't see Nathan. I've only seen him twice :( . 
I want to see him so bad! But hopefully we can see him once we get better :D .
Not much is happening here. Just trying to get everyone better. And clean the bathroom, and wash the dishes. And I just finished them! YES!
I really should go, just giving everyone an update. :D .

Btw, has anyone watched Puss In Boots? If you have what did you think of it? I actually liked it :D . It was dumb, but most movies that come out are dumb, well animated ones anyway. It was very cute :D .

and, I have to add, this little clip from Open Season ( which I think is a very stupid movie ), but this is Elliot's ( he is the deer ) reaction to coffee, and I love it! 


Anyway, ttyl.

In Christ,

5:26 PM

More Pictures of Nathan :D .

Her everyone! Here are more pics of Nathan. Now some of you might have already seen these on Amy's blog, but oh well :D .

 Ryan showing his little son to Justin :D .

 The Proud Daddy.

Aunt Katie holding her little nephew ( ME :P )

Uncle Justin . I LOVE this picture of him and Nathan :D . They are both so cute :D .

The Proud Opa ( or Grandpa, he doesn't know what he is going to be called yet :D .)

Uncle Jason :D .

Little Nathan, isn't he adorable? 

Well, that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed! :D

In Christ,

6:37 PM

Nathan Scott Wegner!

I am posting this to announce...that Ryan and Rachel ( my brother and his wife ),are now the proud parents of Nathan Scott Wegner! He was born today, February 11, 2012. At 4:00 - 4:30 a.m. . He is such a little cutie! ( even though I haven't got to see him in person yet :P .) OK! I know you all are waiting to see a picture of him. Yes, I do have a pic of him, but I'm going to be mean and tell you the story before the pic :P .

Rachel had preeclampsia, and I don't know what it totally was, but let's just say that since she had it, she had to have Nathan now instead of whenever he came :P . they went in Thursday night, and they gave her the stuff to induce her at like 3:15 p.m. Friday afternoon. And so like I said above, he was born early today, at 4:00-4:30 a.m. . And hopefully we will  be able to go see the little guy tomorrow, as long as Rachel and he are doing good. And I'll be posting better ones of him and Ryan and Rachel, and lots of other pics.

So here is the pic, and stay tuned for more pics.

In Christ,
Katie Wegner

9:11 AM


We went skiing Sunday! And it was lots of fun! Until I went to go up a tow rope without gloves on, and it tore off some skin on 3 of my fingers and a little bit on my right palm. But, I wasn't using ski poles anyway :D . And I still had fun :D .My Dad went skiing with us, it was his first time. Here are a few pics, and some movies! 

me going up the magic carpet for the bunny hill.

amy and me.

Kevin going up the magic carpet on his snowboard, he didn't snowboard for very long. 

Kevin after he fell :D .
dad the first time he went down the hill.

Dad at the bottom :D .

this one is of me and Amy going down the bunny hill. So that's why we were on the bunny hill :D .

this one shows Kevin doing split legs over a jump.

in this one, it shows me, Amy, and Kevin, but Kevin goes over jumps. I didn't want to fall after I hurt my hands :D . Because otherwise I really wouldn't be able to get up :D .

I hope you enjoyed!

In Christ,

8:06 PM

Justin and Me!

Hey Everyone!
Here are some pictures of me and Justin in the woods yesterday. Enjoy! 

In Christ,