9:42 PM

I guess I have a stylish blog :D .

I was awarded by Katie ( no, I did not award myself .) @ My Life Through The Canon Lens
Thanks girl!! =)

So...this is what I'm supposed to do:
Say 7 things about myself and then award 5 other bloggers...
I'm gonna try to make thees random cuz. You guys already know a lot about me! ;)

1.I love sports! Especially Volleyball, and Ultimate football=)
2.You couldn't just ask my what kind of movie I like, because I like many different types :D .
3. I also like a variety of music :D .
4. I love blogging
5. I love singing!! 
6.And for some reason I like to change my blog look a lot, until I'm completely satisfied. 
7. I'm going to be an Aunt....sometime in March :D .

Well, I hope I've told people stuff that they never knew about me before now :D .  Well, besides my closest Friends :D .

I'm awarding...
1.) Amy Thompson
2.) Amy Wegner
3.) If you want it take it :P
4.) Do I like you?
5.) lol jk to the 2 above ones, whoever comments.

In Christ,

8:57 AM

Mirror, Mirror of My Heart!

I found this over at One Bright Corner , a blog that I would love to follow, but the thing won't let me, so I will have to do it another time! But I thought that this was very good, and true!

Mirror, Mirror of My Heart

I look into the mirror,
And I don’t like who I see.
An awkward, blemished person
Who cannot really be me.

I claw my skin and look in;
My filthy heart is rotting,
Is heinous like none else,
Is sin-clogged, hardly pumping.

I turn away, disgusted,
To beautiful Jesus' gaze.
His eyes show no repulsion
As His pierced hands touch my face.

He strips all my ugliness;
He swathes me with His beauty.
He carves out my foul, sick heart;
A newborn one He gives me. 

I smile into the mirror,
And I see Jesus, clearer. 
I go with Him; the old me
Is left beneath the mirror. 

I know that in my personal life, I will do something wrong, and after I do it, I will sit there and hate who I am. I look at myself and think "you are horrible. What are you?"  Without Christ we our pitiful! We our so ugly. But through his grace he makes you beautiful :D . Put your whole life into his hands, nothing could be more fulfilling, and nothing could give you more pleasure :D . But you have to surrender to him daily. Give yourself to him daily. Start the day out by saying, " God, I am yours, everything I have is yours, every part of me is yours, do what you will with me." And I'm 100% sure that you will be so happy :D .

I hope this encourages you to continue in the faith, be as strong as rocks :D . 

Be like the moon, reflect the SON! 

In Christ,