3:02 PM

Pictures Again! =P

More Pictures =P

There was a really pretty sunset the other day

Sarah =D

My big bro =D

Me and Sarah =D


Sarah =)


2:22 PM


We played Catch Phrase with Ryan, Eric, and Joel when they came home from church.





Ryan before Eric did a trick on him =P

Kev =P

Eric, Ryan, And Joel

While we were playing Catch Phrase

Justin with a hat on LOL =)


1:53 PM

Definitely Random!

These Pictures are very random =D


Amy and Rugby

Ele =P

Hannah and Faith

Jason =D

Justin boy

Cutie =D

Kevin LOL =P

Leah =D


Me and Rugby =D


Ryan nd Rachel

at the bible study


1:08 PM


It's the Beyond Imagination Award.

Thanks Amz =D

Rules for the award:

~ List 8 stories or books you'd like to live in.
~ List 8 other bloggers who deserve this award.
~ Comment on their blog and let them know you've awarded them.

I really don't know how well many I can think of but I'll do my best =D

1. The Bronze Bow
2. The Witch of Blackbird Pond ( sort of =D )
3. An old Fashioned Girl
4. Eight Cousins
5. Rose In Bloom
6. Calico Captive ( the same as #2 ) =P
7. UMMMMMMMMM ( that's a book name JK ) :P
8. Just one more title =P
There, I filled up all of them =P . 2 of them weren't books but oh well =D .

I'm going to award:

1. Lindsay from Content In Christ
3. Hannah from Hannah Banana
5. Abby from Abby's Blog
I really can't think of any more people. But if you would like to
do it please please just leave a comment.


4:02 PM

Happy Birthday Amy!

Happy 15th Birthday Amy!

1:59 PM

Church was at the Heyworths this Sunday =D . But some of these pictures aren't taken at church.

Tuning up


Hannah and Me =D

Lucy and Me

Charity, Amy, and Me =D

Standing around

Ryan and Rachel =D

Hannah and Justin

Jason and Me =D

Guess who Ryan is talking to? =P

In Christ,


6:55 PM


We went skiing with the Heyworths this Tuesday, at Mt. Holly. Here are a few pictures of us, and some of Justin.

On the way there...

Leah =D

In the lodge eating lunch...

Ryan and Rachel =D

Rachel =)

Our group =D

Hannah! =D

Abby, Amy, and Hannah =D

Hannah, Leah, and Me =D


Sweetie =D


Smiley boy =D

Sweet little face =D

That's all fro now.

In Christ,