9:09 PM

He is our comforter!

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; and you shall comforted in Jerusalem.
Isaiah 66:13

It never stops amazing me, just how God knows what we need to hear!
And when we need to hear it!
If I'm ever in need of comfort or reassurance, I'll open up my bible app on my iPod, and it will always show you the verse of the day! And almost every time, the verse of the day has something to do with what I was thinking about, and it always comforts me, and just lets me know that God is there, and he is in control! And he knows what I need to hear, and he knows how to comfort, and strengthen me! It's just AMAZING! How he knows what I was thinking about, and he knows the best verse to show me!

Anyway! Just wanted to share that with everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon!

In Christ,