4:45 PM

Well, I haven't posted in a really long time :( .
And the last time I posted was a song, nothing about our family or anything going on. Lisa is so big now. She has big blue eyes and cheeks :D .
Justin is so big now too. He says a few words. It's so cute to here him try to talk :D .
Here's some pics of all of us. ENJOY! :D

Justin playing musical hot potato with us :)

Justin getting into the cupboard

Justin playing with the hot potato
when he was supposed to be throwing
it to dad LOL!

Justin getting ready to throw it ( Dad is begging :P )

Poor Dad had a hard time trying to
get Justin to give it to him :P

cutie boy


Playing on the ipod :D

I know I should've put her pictures in front,
you all probably wanted to see her more than
any of pictures of us :P

Justin obviously didn't want to have his picture
taken when he was doing a weird face :P

He didn't cooperate when getting his picture taken

Kevin trying to pose for his picture I think he failed though :P

Well that's all for now.
God bless the rest of your week,