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Who Am I Living For? The Lord? Or Me?

I know...I said my next post would have pictures, but, I just can't seem to get very good pictures of my family with my iPod :-/ . And I didn't want to wait anymore for a new blog post.

So...lately I've been thinking about my life, and who I'm living for. And I've been thinking, am I really living for who I say am I? Am I really trying to live for the Lord, like a true Christian should?

Lately I've been working on my patience. I have a very bad problem with being impatient, and I've also been working on being more loving. Not that I'm an unloving person, but I've been working on showing love always, even a the hardest times, and really making sure that my little siblings feel how much I love them.

Anyways, I said all of that to say...that it doesn't matter. I could be the nicest person you could ever meet, but if I'm not truly living for the Lord, and I haven't given myself to him completely, in the end, no matter how nice I am, no matter how loving, and no matter how many friends I have, no matter how many followers I have on Pinterest, or  Google+, or here on blogger, if I haven't loved, and given myself to the Lord, I will perish for eternity. And I won't be able to spend it with the Lord.

Who am I living for?

I know who I was living for. I was living for myself, with God on the sidelines. I said I would do his will, whatever he wants for my life I will do gladly. But, deep down, I knew that that wasn't entirely true. I would follow the Lord, and do what he asked, but if it came to something really important in my life, would I have done what God wanted me to do? Or would I go my own way? I honestly can't say. But, that is not so ow. I know whatever God has for me, is best. And my life will only be SO MUCH BETTER if I live it ENTIRELY and COMPLETELY for his glory. No putting my opinion in. It's what God says. I have no say in it. He gave me this life to live how I choose, wether I choose to go my own way and live in the world, or I choose to give it back to him, and say "Thy will be done". I choose to give it back to him.

The Lord is amazing! He knows everything about us!!! He knows what I will be doing in a few months, in a few years. He knows who my future Husband is, he knows when and how we will meet. He knows everything about me!!! So what is there for me to worry about?

He also knows when we need to be comforted and loved. And he will give us words that are a comfort. He has done that so many times for me! He has given me words form a song, or a phrase from a bible verse.

There are two songs that I really love! And this first one really made me think about who I was living for.

[WARNING, both of these songs are Contemporary Christian songs, I don't know what type of music you listen to, and I don't want to offend anyone, however if you don't listen to that type of music, but you still want to read the words, I have included the link to the lyrics for both of the song underneath each video.]

'Follow Your Heart' By Anthem Lights (I have a few of their songs in my playlist.)

'Follow Your Heart' - Lyrics

"The Unknown' By Anthem Lights

'The Unknown' - Lyrics

Feel free to comment any thoughts!

In Christ,

Katie Wegner

6:12 PM

WOW!!! This is sad!

Wow!!! It has ben a long time since I have posted on here!!! I've missed this!!! 

Well, I have a new little sibling, Jennifer Lynn, and she is such a little sweet heart!!! Oh my, I just adore her!!! Tomorrow she will be 3 weeks old. I can't believe it! It seems like she was just born, and then it seems like she's been apart of our lives...forever. :) 

School has been going very well for me. I have finished economics, and I don't miss it. :P Now I'm working on completing everything else so I can graduate sometime this summer!!! I'm really looking forward to being done!!! :) 

My friend has invited Amy and I to play in there churches volleyball tournament!!! The tournament is in Kentucky, and we would be leaving on a Friday and coming back on Sunday night. I really hope our Dad allows us to go!!! I adore volleyball!!! It is the best game ever!!! 

My next post, (which I promise will be soon!!!) is going to be filled with pictures!!! :) 

I actually need to go now!!!

In Christ,