5:26 PM


I love Autumn! It's just so beautiful!!! So many beautiful colors brought together!!! :)
I tool a few more pictures today!!! And I do hope you all enjoy!!! :)

Autumn Road

The Goldenly Scarlet Pathway
Brown and Red :)
Oh the beautiful colors of Autumn

      I decided to add one of myself today :) 
      Taken along with the pictures above ;)

God Bless!!!

Katie Wegner

4:12 PM


I love taking pictures of things. However, I rarely get/take the time to take some. But I'm hoping that will, change. :D I've already made some progress, I took a few pics today!!! :) Unfortunately there are only 3, but I did't take a lot of time with them so,

Enjoy them!!! 

I had to do some of pumpkins!!! Pumpkins are so much apart of Autumn :D 

God Bless!

Katie Wegner

4:09 PM


Here are ultrasound pictures from my Mom's appointment today. :) She is 13 weeks today, so the baby is exactly 13 in growth. :) Babies are so amazing!!! :) I just adore them!!! :) Btw, sorry for the blurry pictures, I took a picture of a picture. :) 

I gotta go!!! The cooking supper is calling!!! :) 

God Bless!!! 

Katie Wegner 

9:23 AM


Ok! I haven't posted on here for a very long time!!! To long! But anyways,
there isn't much that's happened sine my last post.
Ummm...My mom is expecting again.
Rachel is due to have their baby in the Beginning of December.
This is my last year of school (and I'm very happy about that.) :)
And next summer I'm hopefully going to be playing on a volleyball team.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say right now, but I'll be doing another post shortly.

God Bless!!!