8:15 AM


I think this is a question we should often ask ourselves.
Because if we only know of him, then we have a seriously problem.
If we claim the name of God, but we only know of him.
Something isn't lining up. We need to know him, if we are to claim him.
If people know that we claim the name of the Lord, but they don't see Him in our lives, then there is something wrong. People should see God in us if we claim His name. And you need to KNOW Him, if people are to see Him in your life.

I hope this encourages you To KNOW God.
Instead of knowing of him.

In Christ,

8:43 PM


Today Kevin left for the Journey of the heart thing for guys, and Amy and I went with him and Dad to drop him off. These first pics are of Amy and Me having fun in the car.
And all the pictures taken outside are on the property of the thing Kevin went to.

Amy and I

It's always fun playing around with a camera :P

lol, Who could help playing with it :P

Amy trying to give me bunny ears :P

I thought this was kinda a cool picture


The house Kevin is staying in for a few days

Doesn't it look like a plantation ?


Me and My Daddy :D

This was a picture of part of the property.

Oh, I thought you all might want to see my dream house lol, jk. This was a house in the area, I thought it was pretty. Doesn't it look like a castle?

I hope you all enjoyed!

In Christ,

8:08 AM

I've finally managed a new post! YAY!

Ok! I know. I haven't posted on here for a long time. Sorry everyone. I'll try to do better.
We went to downtown Port Huron with Rachel ( My sister in law ) :) , and other friends.
The first 2 are of the day after.


Me and My littlest sis :D

Rachel and Stephanie



I thought it would be cool to take a few pictures of the walkway

I hope you enjoyed. I'll try to post sooner next time :D .

In Christ,